Towards the horizon

Ylä-Karjalassa harjoittelijana oleva Matthias Bellgardt kertoo arjestaan Suomessa. Matthias on Suomessa pääsiäiseen saakka Hyvärilän Horisontti-hankkeen kautta.

About Shopping

About Shopping

The first time shopping I was struck from the prices. I know it would be pricey, but I was shocked nonetheless. Especially the price of alcohol is way much higher than in Germany. I payed twice as much for a bottle of gin and some beers. But what should I do? I am a German, I love beer. There is also a special shop for liquors (Alko), which is only open at certain times. The cashier recognised my German and while I was paying, we exchanged some pleasantries, she in German, I in Finnish. Nice.

The next thing I wanted, were some groceries, especially potato chips. So, I had to go into the supermarket nearby. I felt a bit strange and lost. I know nothing about the shopping etiquette here in Finland and I couldn’t understand any sign and where to find all the products I wanted. I was also too shy to ask anyone for directions. After I bumbled helpless between the shelves, I finally found the chips. There were 3 kind of chips standing out: nachos, salted and sour cream. Not much of a choice here, but sour cream was good enough.

I tasted the nachos with dip some time later. The dip is way much better than the crap in Germany.

At the checkout it feels like home. A short greeting to the cashier, talk as little as possible and trying to get over with it as fast as you can. Another difference is how to pay. Many people here pay with a card, even in the disco. In Germany cash is king. Some places don’t even have a card reader there, like small pubs or the kiosk at the corner. I guess Germany is in this case the weird exception.



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