Towards the horizon

Ylä-Karjalassa harjoittelijana oleva Matthias Bellgardt kertoo arjestaan Suomessa. Matthias on Suomessa pääsiäiseen saakka Hyvärilän Horisontti-hankkeen kautta.


Matthias Bellgardt

My name is Matthias Bellgardt. I’m 31 years old and an engineer in media technology. I have been coming from the town of Norden in Germany to Nurmes in Finland to work for 9 weeks as an intern. This internship is made possible by the project Horisontti. In this project young unemployed persons, at the age of 18 to 35, get a chance to live and work in a foreign land for some time.

We are a group of 11 participants and 4 social workers. Before we flew to Finland, we already met 2 months, in which we were prepared for this exchange by our social workers. In this 2 months we’ve made practices to grow together as a group, learned some cultural aspects of Finland and of course we had some languages lessons in English and a little bit in Finnish (just the basics).

I have come here to experience a foreign culture, get out of my comfort zone and have a nice entry in my CV. Maybe I will even learn some Finnish. I do my internship here at the newspaper office of Ylä-Karjala and on Monday at Närekartano.

This blog will be about my life, experiences and “adventures” here in Nurmes, Finland.



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